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Sachin sues Australian bat manufacturer for $2 mn in royalties

Sydney: Batting great Sachin Tendulkar is suing Australian sports equipment maker Spartan Sports after it allegedly failed to pay him almost $2 million.

In a case filed in an Australian court, Tendulkar reportedly alleged that the Sydney-based bat maker, which has since been renamed, has failed to make payments due to the batting great.  A preliminary hearing for the dispute is slated for June 26 in Sydney. 

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Tendulkar’s lawyers said in documents filed at the court that Spartan Sports International “failed to make any payments due to Tendulkar” and a statutory demand issued in September 2018 for $2 million has remained unpaid.

Tendulkar had agreed with the company in July 2016 that they will pay him a minimum of $1 million a year to use his image and promotional services to sell “Sachin by Spartan” products. The imagery included a distinctive silhouette logo on clothing and bats. Tendulkar since attended many promotional events for the company. 

Additionally, another company owned by the Spartan group — Spartan Sports Brands — registered a trademark in Australia featuring a “silhouette” of Tendulkar “performing his signature square cut”. Other companies in the group also used that image to sell a variety of products. 

In September 2018, Tendulkar terminated the agreement with Spartan and requested its companies to stop using his image. 

His lawyers allege that the companies “continued to make use” of the trademark logos and have continued “to manufacture, promote, sell and/or supply the products”.

Tendulkar is suing a number of Spartan companies for misleading or deceptive conduct. This includes allegedly representing that he endorses its products and the Spartan brand. 

He is also suing them for passing off — for suggesting an official endorsement or sponsorship relationship — and breach of contract.

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