Wednesday , 12 August 2020
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S Goa to temporarily get power supply from western region

Panaji: Stating that the non-upgradation of power infrastructure as and when required in the past is to be blamed for the present power woes of the state, Power Minister Nilesh Cabral on Thursday said that in order give immediate relief to the people of South Goa, he has come out with a temporary solution wherein he has directed the Electricity department to disconnect the Southern Region lines at Dharbandora and connect them to the Western Region lines which are much more stable and will supply adequate power to South Goa.

“The temporary arrangement will be in place in next 10 to 15 days,” Cabral said.

People of South Goa were without power supply for over six hours since 9.30 am on Thursday as there is a major fault in power supply line coming from Karnataka.

Cabral, in the presence of chief electrical engineer of power department Reshma Mathew, addressed a press conference to highlight the problems faced by the electricity department and the future plan including temporary solution to provide continuous power supply during monsoon season.

The Power Minister informed that Goa receives power supply from two grids – the Western Region grid which carries 500 MV power which feeds the whole of North Goa and central Goa, and the Southern Region Grid which carries 90 MV power feeding the whole of South Goa and added that there are four lines coming to Goa from Western Region and only two lines coming from Southern Region.

“Since the lines coming from Southern Region that is from Karnataka to Goa are passing through dense forest from neighbouring state and in Goa through Anmod Ghat and Mollem, there are frequent disruption of these lines on account of uprooting of trees, falling of tree branches, falling of bamboos and they coming in contact with the lines and most of these problems are on the Karnataka side and due to which we have to rely on neighbouring state for restoration of supply and the Goa Electricity department has no control on the same. And because of this problem, there are frequent major interruptions in South Goa,” he said.

Cabral said that after taking over as minister, he analysed the interruptions in the last six months and it was found that there were only three major interruptions to Western Region lines and more than 90 major interruptions on Southern Region lines out of which 83 incidents were in Karnataka side.

Cabral said that in order to resolve this problem faced by South Goa people permanently it has been decided to connect South Goa to the Western Region grid, an estimate has been framed for re-conductoring the 220KV lines from Ponda to Xeldem at an estimated cost of Rs 100 crore.

Besides, Xeldem to Ponda to Verna line has already been tendered and work order for an amount of Rs 58 crore has already been issued and work will be completed by December 2019, he said.

Cabral also said that the tender for various works will be floated from next week and the government has set a target to complete underground cabling of 11 KV and 33 KV lines in the entire state in the next two years.

Further he said that the government has also decided to have spare power distribution transformer at every sub-station in the state, adding the Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has assured full financial support for upgradation of power supply infrastructure in the state.

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