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Gallons of water flooded the Mapusa bus stand as a pipe attached to a restaurant was damaged by miscreants

Ruptured pipe ‘drenches’ Mapusa bus stand


A water pipe attached to a restaurant near the Mapusa bus stand was damaged by unknown miscreants on Wednesday morning resulting in gallons of water to flow on the road.
More problems were created due to stagnation of dirty water near the restaurant as the stench from the area became unbearable and may result in vector borne diseases.
Prakash Pokle, traffic controller for the KTC buses at Mapusa bus stand said “We noticed water on the road due to which people had to bear the inconvenience. We informed the restaurant owner to undertake repair works and they have assured that it will be done at the earliest”.
When contacted the restaurant owner Mahesh Narvekar said, “The water meter tap was broken by unknown persons a month and a half ago and we had informed the PWD water supply department about the issue. The PWD inspected the water meter tap but they have not undertaken any repairs.”
Commenting about the broken pipes he said that the pipes will be repaired soon.
Meanwhile the assistant engineer water supply Vilas Tamboskar said, that the water supply will be disconnected and the pipes will be repaired as early as possible.

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