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Ruckus at Sangolda gram sabha over micro brewery project

Sangolda: A micro brewery located near a religious place and a mobile tower was the main issues discussed at the Sangolda gram sabha held on Sunday at the Panchayat hall.

Sangolda panchayat secretary Pooja Gawas read out the minutes of the previous gram sabha. After the minutes were read the panchayat secretary highlighted various taxes imposed by the panchayat.

With villagers and sarpanch getting into heated arguments over the failure to solve several issues plaguing the village, the gram sabha turned chaotic over the issue of a micro- brewery which was set up in the village.

The villagers questioned the deputy sarpanch Jalisha Tulaskar over action she had taken against the owner of the brewery. 

Pacifying the agitated villagers’ deputy sarpanch Tulaskar said that the matter is sub judice and the case is pending before the court.

The villagers wanted an answer from the sarpanch and questioned his motive to allow a micro brewery to operate in the village when the villagers had objected to the same.

Samson Dias accused the sarpanch of not solving issues of micro brewery and mobile tower and demanded an answer as to why no action was taken on the issues raised by the villagers in the previous gram sabha. Villagers said that if the sarpanch is not competent he should immediately tender his resignation.

The villagers also questioned the sarpanch Avinash Naik over the issue of a mobile tower in the village. The villagers demanded to know what action has been taken as the tower is erected very close to a residential area. Villagers alleged that the panchayat was not taking them seriously when they were highlighting illegalities in the village. 

Relying to the allegations levelled by the villagers, sarpanch Avinash Naik said that the panchayat has issued a demolition order for the tower.

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