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RP-2021: Salcete VPs demand more time to file suggestions

MARGAO: Some village panchayats of Salcete, on Sunday, demanded with the government to provide more time to file their suggestions and objections to the Regional Plan-2021, which is kept open by the state government for suggestions and objections till December 31.

The village panchayats of Chinchinim, Camorlim, Raia and Rachol on Sunday demanded more time for providing suggestions and objections to the RP-2021.

“The villagers alleged that the government has purposely opened up the RP-2021 for suggestions and objections during the Christmas season. They have asked for more time,’’ Raia sarpanch Isidore Rodrigues and Camorlim sarpanch Hilda Sequeira said.

According to these sarpanchas, the TCP gave them the RP-2021 of their particular village only on December 18 even though it was announced by the government that it is kept open for valuable suggestions and objections from December 1 to December 31.

“I got a call to collect the RP-2021 copy of our village on December 18. I immediately went to the office and collected it,” said Camorlim panchayat secretary.

The village-level committee constituted to discuss the RP-2021 of Camorlim met on Sunday and expressed ire for not incorporating the earlier suggestions.

“We had suggested correction. The orchard zones were shown in the settlement zones. Water bodies and paddy fields are shown in settlement zone. We have again drafted a letter to the TCP for immediate corrections,’’ said one of the VLC members Inacio Antao.

While VLC of Camorlim discussed the RP-2021 along with several villagers present for the meeting, the village panchayat of Raia asked the locals to submit objections and suggestions if any individually to the TCP office as “they know it better.”

“Just three days back, we got the RP-2021 of Raia areas. We have displayed it for public scrutiny,’’ said Raia sarpanch Rodrigues.

The villagers of Chinchinim are also of the opinion that the government should extend the time for accepting the suggestions and objections.

“The TCP should have submitted bigger size plans to help better viewing,” a village said.

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