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‘Rosy’ Picture of Tourism Painted by Dilip Parulekar

Tourism Minister Dilip Parulekar has rubbished reports stating that the inflow of tourists has diminished. This is good news for the tourism industry in the state. However, not many share his optimism and the rosy picture painted by him. Tourism stakeholders are complaining. It may be true that as of now, rooms are booked. But the best barometer of the health of tourism industry is the man on the street, and his verdict is that the situation is not so good. And his opinion is important, for practically every Goan is impacted by the tourism industry. It must be understood that we are entering the peak period of tourism when hotels are always fully booked. Moreover, domestic tourism is increasing rapidly which gives a false impression of the health of the tourism industry. The majority of additional domestic tourists entering the state are from the neighbouring states. They contribute nothing to the economy of Goa. In fact, they are a burden on the state. The government must stop giving out numbers of tourists visiting the state. Instead, we need a mechanism of calculating the number of tourists entering the state, both foreign and domestic, who contribute to the economy of Goa.

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