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Rossman Cruz outdo PY Nuvem for semis berth



Rossman Cruz SC entered the semifinals of Fr Basilio Andrade Memorial football tournament by defeating Parish Youth, Nuvem 7-6 on penalty shootout, at Musson grounds, Majorda on Monday.

The teams played a 1-1 draw during the regulation time.

Parish Youth, Nuvem went into the lead through Jebinton Fernandes while Rossman Cruz SC levelled the score through Cliffton Rebello. Both the goals came in the first session and no goal was scored in the second half.

The teams played a possession game throughout the proceedings with positional play on display and kept the ball low, using both the flanks for a break through.

Parish Youth, Nuvem keeper Floiston Quadros had to dive to his right in the very second minute of play when Rossman Cruz striker Savio Fernandes sent a sudden shot from long distance, which was easily grabbed by the PY Nuvem keeper.

The match was then confined to midfield for a while as the teams tried to gauze each other’s strength with some probing forays.

PY Nuvem made a forceful move in the 5th minute when their defender Niclau Colaco moved deep inside the rival box unchallenged and then noticing Cedar Colaco unmarked passed the ball to him, whose stinging shot just missed the mark narrowly, giving a real scare to Rossman SC keeper.

The match then rose to some great heights with the ball moving from one end to the other and a goal looked imminent at either end.

After missing some good chances from close distance, PY Nuvem went into the lead in the 25th minute when Cedar Colaco worked his way down the right flank and after dodging two rival defenders on the edge of the box, passed the ball to better placed Jebinton Fernandes whose angular effort gave no chance at all to Rossman Cruz keeper Francis Fernandes.

Goaded by the success, PY Nuvem came hard on their opponents and within the next two minutes made deep inroads inside the rival box. But somehow the Rossman Cruz SC defence managed to kill the dangerous looking forays by clearing the ball to safety.

PY Nuvem went on creating dashing moves, and within the next two minutes Bevan Colaco was once again in the thick of action but his rising shot flew over the bar menacingly.

Rossman Cruz, who also had their say in the game, came up with a great move just five minutes before the lemon break and restored parity through Cliffton Rebello.

Rossman’s Eusebio Fernandes worked his way down the right flank and sent a cross to attacking medio Cliffton Noronha, who controlled the ball well and then sent an angular effort to beat the PY Nuvem keeper Floiton Quadros.

Both the teams had a strong defence and a good midfield who dazzled in their respective positions — defending and distributing the ball well in an attempt to find the mark.

The goalkeepers of both the teams were kept busy in the last quarter of the first session which saw some powerful shots being hit at them. While Rossman Cruz keeper Francis made two spectacular saves, PY Nuvem custodian dived on three counts to deny Rossman’s Savio and Clffton from finding the mark.

The second session began with some accelerating moves as the ball rolled from one end to the other. There were moves and counter moves but the defence on either side stood firm. But try as they would the teams could not find the mark.

The teams played a defensive game in the last quarter of the match and settled for the tie-breaker to break the deadlock.

In the tie-breaker, Rossman Cruz proved to be the better shooters and won the match 7-6.

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