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Rosary College organises Social Advertisement Competition

Rosary College of Commerce and Arts, Navelim held its annual social advertisement competition.

The competition focused on a variety of issues like the ill effects of junk food on the health of young people, political defection, the need for effective garbage management and segregation, merciless deforestation, insensitivity towards child labour, escalating poverty, mob lynching and unemployment. Participating teams enacted eight-minute performances and were evaluated on their content, message, dramatisation and creativity.

In his address, principal, Fr Simao Diniz said that the competition was more than just a competition and stated that it was a technique and method of learning and acquiring information. He also spoke about the different issues that destroy our social fabric – rape, violence and corruption – while emphasising the importance of creating awareness about such issues. He urged participants and the audience to imbibe knowledge on various topics displayed before them, fight for the elimination of these problems and be agents of change that the Goan society so desperately needs today.

Judges for the event were actor, Francisco Fernandes; lead female vocalist for the band Renaissance, Reza Fernandes and lecturer, Government College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Quepem, Tanvi Bambolkar.

Students of BBA Travel and tourism won the first place for their piece on ‘Religious Intolerance’ through which they brought out the message that Indian citizens may have different religions but belong to one nation, India. Second place was won by TYBCA team as they emphasised the need for ‘Civic Sense’ in every citizen. Third place was won by TYBA team for their performance on the ‘Misuse of Social Media’ through which they highlighted the consequences of overusing social media, which included monetary loss and destruction of relationships.

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