Tuesday , 18 February 2020
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The Root to Great Colour (& Other Cautionary Tales)

Great looking hair goes a long way towards making you look great. But it is not enough to just get a great haircut or colour service – maintaining your hair is equally important. Often, a small error or a little bit of compromise can prove to be costly, not just in terms of cost, but also in terms of the look, feel and health of your hair. Especially when it comes to hair colour.
“While we have talked about shampoo, conditioner, the importance of professionally done colour, etc, what we want to focus on today is slightly different”, says Bina Punjani, Art Director, Bina Punjani Hair Studio. “This is something we see happening from time to time, even with our own clients: people get great colour done, spending quite a bit – beautiful tones, gorgeous highlights, interesting placements… And then, they go and do something that spoils it all”. Here, according to Bina, are some of the most common pitfalls when it comes to hair colour:
The most under-rated, but highly critical service area in colour is root touch ups. As your coloured hair grows out, your roots begin to show, in your original hair colour. And you need to get them touched up to match the lovely new colour you got done at the salon. Simple, right? Something your friendly neigbourhood beauty parlour can do, right? Wrong!
Fact is, even if you know what shade you got for the full colour, it may have changed or lightened over time due to washing and environmental exposure. Or, during your previous root touch ups, your stylist may have generously applied the left over colour above the roots, making your previous colour darker.
Fact is, every time you get a root touch up done, the stylist needs to look at your hair and decide the closest match. If this is not done, you could end up with a ‘root glow’ – different coloured roots. Which, of course, turn into an ugly band of different colour as your hair grows out further. And correcting that band is a detailed (and expensive) colour-correction job!
That’s not all – if you have dual/multiple colours in your hair, such as highlights, the tone selection and matching is much more complex, and things can go horribly awry in the wrong hands.
Good news is that the solution is straightforward. If you have spent quite a bit getting a great colour job done at a quality salon and are happy with the result, just go back to them. Even if it means travelling that extra bit, or spending a few hundred rupees more. A professional will have your colour records, have a look at your hair and decide what works for you best every single time. They will expertly mix two or more shades to get as close a match as possible, and will change the proportion every time depending on the requirement. Not something your average beauty parlour would do.
Sometimes, in your excitement at the salon, you might have gone out of your comfort zone and opted for something different – bolder colours or highlights. And after getting home, you might not be so sure of it. The worst thing to do? Colour over it with something else! Doubly so if you go and do it with packet colour!
If you were happy with your salon/colorist, but not with your own choice of colour, go back to them and discuss your concerns. Sometimes, it may just need a simple solution like hair glossing to modify the tone to something you are happier with. Or even changing, adding or removing a few highlights. Get a professional solution because a simple mistake can prove to be very costly to correct.
Another issue with re-colouring so soon is that it is not kind to your hair – it can dry out your strands and make them brittle. And, of course, if you need a third round of chemical processes to correct the first mistake (of recolouring), that’s even more strain on the mane. So, when it comes to hair colour, trial and error is a terrible idea – decide what you want after thinking it through, and stick to it. And do not do anything in haste or without talking to a trusted professional.
The same is true of doing any other chemical treatments to your hair, such as straightening, perming or keratin. A salon may gleefully do it for you or even talk you into it, because it is good money, but make sure you don’t do too many chemical services within a short period of time.
If you want your hair to look keep looking great, says Bina, treat it well, and speak to a trusted professional. A good stylist is almost a hair doctor – find someone you trust and stick to them. They will know what works for you, and will be able to advise you accordingly.
(Courtesy: Bina Punjani Hair Studio, Miramar. For hair related queries and free consultations, please call on 7350 444131 / (0832) 246 4442, email binapunjani@gmail.com, or visit www.facebook.com/BPHStudio)

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