Tuesday , 18 February 2020
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JP Pereira

Pascoal de Chicalim has released an impressive tiatr this season. ‘Rochna’ is a tale of God’s creations, human beings, their shortcomings and repentance. Recounted in a sleek manner, the play has a surprise awaiting the audience in the climax.

The taitr tells the story of Osmond who is working in London. His wife Hazel and married daughter Cinetra live in Goa. They are having a good time here as Osmond has provided them with everything. The daughter has deserted her husband Alison for very flimsy reasons. The mother is fine with this but Alison has taken to drink and wasting his life. Mother and daughter plan to fly to London, without informing the father who will not accept their plan. He would have preferred his daughter to return to her husband. Unfortunately the two women who had great plans get a surprise which shocks and angers them. The rest is to be watched on stage, as they vent their anger on an unsuspecting husband and father leading to a climax that has a nice twist.

A well-written script and novel idea makes the tiatr interesting. The director touches on family relations as well as suicide, garbage issues and also excessive drinking. The acting, songs and music, adds to the quality of the tiatr. There are some funny moments too. Anthony de Ambajim provides the set and Romeo’s light effects are excellent. The cast has Aplon as the haughty and proud Hazel, a role she plays well. Maria is Cinetra, the flamboyant daughter who has left her husband. Anthony San is the calm and loving Osmond, Sandy does a great role as the drunken Alison who changes later. Pascoal is fine as Armand, a family friend and Edward plays the doctor. Walter Martins plays a beggar with conviction – he picked up some Kannad so as to play the migrant. Evola leads the comedy with some great acting and comic timing. She is supported well by Celeste, Melvin, Succorina, another Walter and Silva de Benaulim. It is good to see Constancio Estibeiro back on the Konkani stage after a long hiatus. He adds his bit to the comedy and has not lost his special touch.

The musicians were Macroy (trumpet), Menino (saxophone), Magny (drums), Franco (saxophone) and Benny (keyboard). The background music is pleasant. Nazareth renders the opening song. There are a variety of songs by Evola, Maria, Succorina, Edward, Nazareth and some others, in between the acts. Celeste pays tribute to Goa, Edward tells of a miracle, Aplon pleads for donation of eyes after death, Silva makes a request for senior citizens and Anthony San sings of a father’s love. The pick is a superb duet, beautifully rendered by Celeste with Pascoal, a touching outcome of a suicide. Don’t miss this entertaining show.

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