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Rise Of Fatorda


IS Fatorda going much the same way as Margao! Having enjoyed its status as a satellite town of the commercial capital for quite a while, today Fatorda is purported to be a byword of development. With decent residential complexes, schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and supermarkets within its limits, Fatorda continues to be the most sought after as the place to settle in. The presence of the main bus stand, the Nehru stadium, the SGPDA market, Inox cinema multiplex and the South Goa collectorate makes the place all the more vibrant! The district hospital, which is reported to get functional very soon, will make lives that much easier for the sick and ailing from Fatorda. The plea for it to be severed from the Margao municipality so as to enable the constitution of Fatorda as a separate municipal council does appear justified as well! Yet, when it comes to the roads and by-lanes that dot Fatorda, one should be pardoned for harbouring a feeling that it is nothing more than a suburb of the commercial capital of the state. For, the ‘excavated’ visage that both Margao and Fatorda present all around the year just fails to have one hold any other opinion about the ‘exclusiveness’ of Fatorda as envisaged by the TCP Minister who is the legislator of the constituency. Marring the ‘consecrated’ Ravindra Bhavan stretch that speaks of a class arguably unparalleled anywhere else in the state, the main road up to the Arlem junction wears the look of a site which is being perennially dug up for some work or the other. It is indeed a matter of consternation that none of thoroughfares in Fatorda affords a motorist the comforts of a pleasant drive. Moreover, the conical protrusions of the sewage tanks bulging out of the roads are a nightmare for the commuters. Rubble strewn around adds to the harrowing experience! Incidents of commuters complaining of orthopaedic problems travelling on Fatorda roads cannot be taken lightly either! With the movement against pothole-studded roads by a few concerned citizens becoming stronger by the day, it is necessary that the administration decides on ways to alleviate the woes of the residents. While it is true that development of any region comes at a cost, should the locals be paying such a heavy price for it!


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