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Riona Po awarded for writing skills

Handwriting Olympiad is the only handwriting competition conducted worldwide. The 2014-15 competition was organised for the fifth consecutive year by a renowned institute of handwriting technology. Over 2 .35 lakh students from more than 4000 schools and 24 India states showcased their writing skills.

The finale was organised in Indore Madhya Pradesh on February 15. Hundred and twenty state champions participated in it. The spokesperson of the competition said that this competition does not require learners to do any prior practice on handwriting. Each participant is encouraged to write in his natural writing and speed. After the competition, the writing sheets are minutely examined by handwriting experts for flaws and thereafter, the experts give necessary corrective advice. The objective of this competition is to promote good handwriting skills. Several electronic and other utility gifts worth over five lakh were given away to the finalists and the champions. Earlier, trophies and medals were awarded at school level along with participation certificates.

The winner in A category first rank was Harini S from Coimbatore, and first runner-up was Riona Po from Chubby Cheeks Spring Valley High School ,Goa while the B category winner was Vidhi Jain from Udaipur.

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