Saturday , 25 January 2020
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Responsibility of contractors to restore roads to original state: Pauskar



While there is a growing anger among the public over poor condition of roads, some of which were hotmixed as recently as May 2019, the PWD says it is the responsibility of the contractors to ensure that roads are restored to its original state.

Several roads were hot mixed in constituencies of Navelim, Margao, Nuvem and Cuncolim, however many of the roads have been washed away within months of the roads getting a fresh carpet.

A citizen Damodar Naik said the entire tenders of re-carpeting of roads need to be investigated as many roads have been carpeted and dug up and allowed to get spoilt. It is criminal to allow such waste of tax payers’ money and the contractors have to be blacklisted for poor quality works.

Another citizen Julio Dias said the public are the ones who pay the price for poor roads, be it damage to vehicles, or internal injuries, there has to be accountability. There is rampant corruption in the PWD and if you notice not a single engineer will be present at the site to ensure that the works are done properly.

On the other hand the PWD Minister Deepak Pauskar said that the government has taken a stand to make the contractors accountable and they will have to restore the roads and ensure maintenance for three years.

Pauskar said that the major problem is when hotmixing is carried out barely 15 days before the commencement of monsoon, the roads get washed away. He said that the House has already taken a resolution to direct the contractors to restore the roads during the dry spell and have also the responsibility to maintain the same for three years.

Ironically, various government departments carry out digging works beyond May 15 deadline, some of which go as late as June to complete the works leaving the roads in poor condition. A resident from Davorlim said several people have fallen victims to the large potholes approaching Rawanfond bridge. Every year the roads are ‘repaired’ but yet they are allowed to develop large potholes putting people to a lot of inconvenience. 

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