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Respect the Dignity Of Goan Youth

Goa has made rapid economic progress but failed to create enough employment opportunities for the thousands of youth that pass out of schools, colleges and industrial training institutes. The main reason is parties in power have failed to attract investments. Unemployed youth are forced to migrate to other states and overseas. The number of unemployed has almost doubled over the last decade and today stands at 1.20 lakh. Around 18,000 new jobless youth are added to the army of unemployed every year. Ironically, access to education to all is one of the main reasons for growing unemployment, as educated youth are leaving ancestral occupations such as agriculture. They are not to blame: traditional occupations give low prestige and income. Agriculture was the prime occupation of Goans before Liberation, but over the years it has become uneconomical, while white collar jobs with no hard work are better paid. So naturally, younger generations in farming families are going in for white collar jobs.
The problem of unemployment is getting compounded by Goans losing jobs in professions they were considered to be most suited for. Goans do not want to do hard manual jobs. But even in the sectors that are described as ‘soft,’ men and women from other states have been taking up employment. Employment in hotel industry, which used to be the preserve of Goans, is being taken over by migrants. In the salon and spa sector, the number of migrants working is quite high. In the fast expanding retail sector too the number of migrants has been increasing. The situation is sometimes blamed upon Goan boys and girls who look for government jobs. They consider government service as the coziest job where there is job security and there is pension to take care of the old age. Politicians have found a ready market of votes in this desire of Goan youth: they get young persons from their constituencies government jobs in order to get votes of the beneficiaries and their families. Sometimes they make the beneficiaries work to canvass support for them before rewarding them with a job.
Unemployment is also caused by vigilantism that opposes every investment. Successive governments have failed to create conducive atmosphere for investment. The Goa Investment Promotion Board has failed to bring about much change, as investors still have to follow the circuitous route to obtain permissions from various government departments leading to delay in implementation of the projects. Information technology-based industries are most suitable for Goans but the efforts to get investments in this sector have not been very successful. IT industries are non-polluting and would not attract negative campaign by vigilante groups. Though the government has set in motion a few proposals in this sector there is no guarantee they would see the light of the day as the term of the present government has ended and we have to wait how the new government approaches the subject. It is a pity that with such a wide base of young Goans who want soft jobs and can speak English, call centre business has not spread in Goa. Something surely is wrong with the government policy and approach and the vigilantes.
Political parties seeking power in the new Assembly have promised employment to all the unemployed. The Aam Aadmi Party has promised a monthly dole of Rs 5,000 to every person who remains unemployed. AAP leaders need to be told that a young person does not want any dole but a job, because with a dole he becomes a beggar, whereas a job gives them prestige. Let us not deprive the Goan youth of their dignity. Sooner or later there would be youth unrest if unemployment grows. Whichever party comes to power has to find alternative ways to attract investments. The new government cannot afford to go on like the governments of the past, just because the Goan youth have not come out on the streets to demand employment. The right industries and the right sites for them have to be more closely identified. Vigilante groups are a reality that has to be faced squarely. Their valid concerns have to be addressed, and if the concerns are deep and really point to destruction of ecology, the project should not be allowed. However, the new government has to find ways to deal with frivolous and far-fetched concerns of vigilante groups, such as the one expressed with regard to the Konkan Railway project that the trains on the route would bring mosquitoes to Goa. The new government must take more measures to make farming mechanized and alluring in terms of income to retain the younger generations of farmers in agriculture. That would reduce the number of unemployed.

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