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Respect Human Values


AFTER becoming the Prime Minister in 2014, Narendra Modi undoubtedly initiated a number of down to earth measures, shaking man from his slumbers in a bid to conduct a deep introspection and change for the better to make our country a better place to live in peace. One of the earliest steps initiated was the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan’, underscoring a much neglected yet most needed outlook of maintaining cleanliness around, particularly emphasising on making India open defecation free. Through the programme on ‘Mann ki Baat’, Modi has stressed on many simple yet thought provoking issues like water conservation, augmenting forest cover, developing the reading habit, stressing on nutritional aspects, making India plastic free and so on. While validating all these issues we firmly feel that one thing that India needs most to savour is the simple quality of being human and spreading humanity around. We feel that our country is over obsessed with trivial matters like godliness, worship, devotion, divine intervention et al but has totally isolated from prime issues concerning humanity, beginning from one’s home itself. Just the other day we read the most painful incident of how a mother strangulated her 2-year-old daughter by catching her nostrils and suffocating her under the shower to death. There was another case of the father molesting his own step-daughter. This Sunday it was news of how a man in a live-in-relation with a woman molested her minor daughter and the lady instead of coming to the rescue of the hapless girl persuaded her to withdraw the case against the errant man. Incidents of such domestic abuses continue all over the country. As regards other cases of rape and outraging the modesty of women, the less spoken the better would it be. We personally feel that there should be a new wave of creating an unprecedented awareness among our countrymen at every stage beginning from home to school and every other platform to instil the value of being a good human being, respecting human values and treating everyone as his/her own. The Prime Minister should delve deeply on this issue in his talk to the nation.

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