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Respect A Woman, Don’t Commodify Her


IN the recent times nothing has shaken the country in entirety as the 16 December 2012 savagery gangrape of the 23-year-old Delhi woman, came to be called Nirbhaya. The Supreme Court upheld the death sentence terming the bestial incident as the rarest of rare case and ordered the four rapists to be hanged till death. The electronic and the print media played a great role in this case and the entire nation rose en bloc asking for revisiting the rape laws and for taking a more stringent view on the Juvenile Justice Act, since in the instant case a 16-year-old juvenile was said to be the most brutal of the lot but being a minor was sent to protective home for rehabilitation and set free after three years. The sensational incident of rape and the verdict of death sentence should act as an eye opener for men of vicious instincts, who still treat woman as a commodity for deriving carnal pleasure, as seen in the Nirbhaya case, where the hapless victim was stripped, raped, brutalised inhumanly and thrown out like a toy from the moving bus. The imposition of death sentence which is rarely done in our country presently should set as a precedent to the ruthless male fraternity to learn to have control over their sexual urges. It cannot be denied that in our country there have been rising incidents of gangrape by every passing day, wherein even infants have been abused miserably. Recently the Bollywood movie ‘Pink’ had a unique message for such men to respect a woman’s refusal for sex, emphasising that a woman’s ‘no’ should be valued as ‘no’. A lot needs to be imbibed in people to appreciate the difference between consensual sex and forceful imposition on a woman. The government should strengthen law and order situation particularly with regard to the safety of women. Importance on self-defence mechanisms should be taught to girls right from the school days in a bid to learn to defend them. They should be sensitised to be ever vigilant and alert for ensuring their safety. A lot more is needed to educate the boys right from childhood to respect the opposite sex. Unless this is initiated in every home there won’t be a change in the society, no matter how deterrent the punishment for rape is!


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