Wednesday , 12 August 2020
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Residents of Margao’s Cine Lata locality seek testing for COVID-19



Apprehensive of the risk of contracting COVID 19, residents of  Margao’s Cine Lata area have requested the health department to conduct testing for COVID-19 after four COVID cases were detected in the locality.

The residents of the area said that many of them are having fever, but are not tested.

Speaking to the media, ward councillor Damu Naik urged the health department to conduct the tests as soon as possible.

“We have asked the health department to do the testing quickly as the people are afraid and many have told me that they are feeling feverish. We did the sanitisation work today, so that the people may get some relief. We don’t want to make it a containment zone because they are working people, and  are daily wage earners, which will affect them,” said Naik.

Since the detection of cases in Gandhi Market, Naik said, “Cases in the Cine Lata area have also begun to increase. On Friday, a total of four cases were reported. Locals say the health department had issued them notes, and were asked to get themselves tested at South Goa District Hospital, but were told to get tested only if they showed symptoms of the virus.”

“The number of cases are increasing in Margao now. First it was in Gandhi market, where we quickly did the sanitisation. Health department issued notices to residents asking them to get checked at the hospital. When Cine Lata cases rose, they were also given notes, but they are not tested. They are being told that they will only be tested if they have fever or cold. Today, in Cine Lata area, there are neighbours who are testing positive and people are suffering. Here, four cases were detected. Around 300 to 400 people live in this area,” he said. 

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