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Renault unveils mid-sized hatchback Triber

Renault unveiled its all new global product, Triber to the Indian market recently. The Triber is the outcome of a joint project between Renault teams in India and France and is a world-first vehicle specifically designed for the Indian market.

Calling the new model a game-changer, Thierry Bolloré,  chief executive officer of Groupe Renault, said, “India is a key market for Groupe Renault. We are still young to India, yet our ambitions are high in line with our Drive the Future strategic plan. We aim at doubling our sales by 2022. For that reason, we are bringing Triber for India’s core market. The Triber was conceived, developed and produced in India, for Indian customers first, before we take it to the world.” 

Speaking about the designing innovation around the model, Laurens van den Acker, executive vice- president, corporate design, Groupe Renault, shared, “Our goal was to design a car that would transform according to the many needs and the many lives of our customers. Whether they are parents, lovers, friends, a family pack, whatever their tribe, whatever their lifestyle, the Triber should adapt. The model is true to the Indian values of conviviality and sharing. We are very proud of our latest breakthrough, which turned a length challenge into a miracle within 4 meters!”

In looks the car is attractively designed, sturdy, compact, roomy and versatile which also achieves the feat of accommodating one to seven adults in comfort. It is modern, spacious ultra-modular, fuel-efficient vehicle with attractive interiors which boasts of many modern and practical features. The car has the largest boot capacity in the five-seater configuration category.

Renault is expecting India sales to increase over 40 per cent from the Triber with a target of more than five million vehicles by 2022. Manufacturing will be at the Chennai plant.

The Triber has ground clearance of 182 mm and  reinforces the sturdiness of a SUV. Its interior design is modern and presents leading-edge technologies for everyday comfort and ease of use. The two-tone colors add warmth to the interiors while  refrigerated central storage area and cup holders add to the passenger comfort.

With the convenient hands-free card, doors can be opened and closed and the engine started without making any physical contact with the key.

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