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Remembering tiatrists of yesteryears


‘Somplolea Tiatristancho Ugddas’, the monthly programme organised by Tiatr Academy of Goa to remember late tiatr artistes born in that month and to highlight their contribution to tiatr will be held on July 30, 4 p.m. at the Black Box, Ravindra Bhavan, Margao.

The tiatrists who will be remembered in the coming edition are A M B Rose, Alexinho de Candolim, Domnick Vaz, Carmo Rod, Antonio Moraes, Fr Freddy J Da Costa, Joao Inacio D’Souza, Thomas Aquelino Fernandes (Peter Champion), Joao Sebastiao Sequeira (John Mestri), Francisco Borges (Frank Borges), Fr Caetano Da Costa, Lawrence De Tiracol, Miss Julie, Josinho D’Souza, Manoel S Noronha, and Bonaventure D’Pietro.

Ambrosio Carlisto Piedade Fernandes popularly known as AMB, was the father of singer Alfred Rose. He contributed immensely to tiatr and staged two of his own productions ‘Ghatkeponnacho Inam’ and ‘Jadu’.

Joao Bautist Fernandes known as Alexinho de Candolim wrote, directed, and staged 35 tiatrs including ‘Gõycho Posorkar’, ‘Ram Ram Bauji’ and ‘To Bhavtto Dhormacho’.

Composer and singer Domnick Vaz contributed to the development of tiatr, particularly to Konkani ‘Kantaram’. He also composed songs for many audio cassettes which became hits.

Singer Carmo Rod is best remembered for singing the immortal number ‘Nach Atamche’ for the film ‘Nirmonn’. During the Opinion Poll in 1967, he sang a solo ‘Don Panam’ which aroused the feelings of Goans.

Fr Freddy J Da Costa was a founder member of Dalgado Konknni Akademi and published a magazine ‘Gulab’ in Konkani in Roman Script. He wrote and produced hit tiatrs like ‘Niz Mog’, ‘Utt Gõykara’,‘Ghorabo’, ‘Khata Pita Dev Dita’ and produced a number of Konkani audio albums namely ‘Gõychem Git’, ‘Niz Mog’, ‘Jivit’,’ Gõycho Manddo’, ‘Mother Theresa’, etc.

Director, musician, and writer Antonio Moraes wrote and directed more than 50 khell-tiatrs like ‘Sorg’, ‘Mhojim Bhurgim’, ‘Onupkari Put’, etc. He also played the trumpet, drums, and bass guitar and was bestowed with Goa State Cultural Award for music in the year 2006.

Joao Inacio De Souza popularly known as João Inacio in tiatr circles, performed various character roles like bhattkar (landlord), kunnbi, hindu, etc, in tiatrs.  He excelled particularly in the role of a Portuguese police officer. His memorable roles in this character were in Nelson Afonso’s ‘Nationalist’ and ‘Almas de Outro Mundo’. João Inacio was also a composer and singer. Besides solos, he particularly composed and sang trios, quartets, and quintets.  A few of his songs like ‘Kazar Borem’, ‘Sukh Bhogxi’, etc were recorded on HMV records. He was also a playwright and director of tiatrs like ‘Kumpar Mhojer Demand Kela’, ‘Sukh, Kednach Polleunk Nam’, etc.

Comedian Peter Champion was a member of the group ‘Young Stars of Goa’. He also wrote and produced many tiatrs including his famous ‘Bacro Kut Zalem?’

A versatile musician, Joao Sebastiao Sequeira was a recipient of Kala Gaurav Puroskar from Goa State Government for his contribution to music.

A good actor and singer, Frank Borges dedicatedly served the Konkani stage particularly that of ‘khell-tiatr’ for many years.

Fr Caetano wrote and directed several tiatrs like ‘Krim Kednach Bhogsonam’, ‘Kitem Hanvem Kelem’, ‘Atamcho Sounsar’, ‘Zolmacho Ghutt’, ‘Modern Girl Melita’, ‘Mundkar Santan’, ‘Te Dis Gelet’, ‘Komunistanche Bhognnar’, etc. He also formed an association under the banner of ‘Dramatic Musical Association’ with the sole intention of providing entertainment to poor parishes in various parts of Goa on the occasion of their parish feasts.

Lawrence De Tiracol wrote more than 500 songs and recorded 48 albums on cassettes and CD’s for reputed music companies. The lyrics for Lorna’s comeback album ‘Hello Lorna’ were provided by Lawrence De Tiracol. He has also written Konkani tiatrs.

Aleixo Caetano Coutinho, popularly known as Miss Julie on tiatr stage was known for acing various types of female roles. He also wrote and directed a few of his own plays. Josinho D’Souza, popularly known as Maestro Josinho played music in around 3000 tiatrs all over India as well as in the Gulf countries and London. He also designed/operated background music in tiatrs.

Manoel Santana Noronha popularly known as Manu Mestri played for khell-tiatrs and tiatrs of various directors namely Ligorio Fernandes, Patrick Dourado, Pascoal Rodrigues, Roseferns, Prince Jacob, John D’Silva, Milagres de Chandor, Peter Roshan, etc. He also played for songs and khell-tiatrs on All India Radio and Doordarshan.

Bonaventure Peter Fernandes, popularly known as Bonaventure D’Pietro contributed immensely to literature, music, and tiatr. He has many publications to his credit which includes novels on various issues related to our society viz, ‘Kallea Vistidachi Choli, ‘Clara’, ‘Mhojea Paicho Fondd’, ‘From Goa With Love’, ‘Ek Bhett Mungllurachea Xharak’, ‘Jimmy’, ‘Tichea Mornna Uprant’, etc. He wrote and staged several tiatrs like ‘Dhunvor’, ‘Chitrakar’, ‘Patang’, ‘Sorgar Thavn Apounnem’, ‘Vatt Chuklelim Suknnim’, ‘Mhozo Podon To!’, ‘Amche Zomnintli Girestkai’, ‘Adeus Mhoje Maim’, etc. He also composed hundreds of kantaram and mandos and was also an excellent musician.

On the occasion, Ryan Borges and Nicia Delicia Gomes will sing some songs of the late artistes while the musical score will be provided by Melroy Rodrigues.

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