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Remembering tiatrists of yesteryears


The Tiatr Academy of Goa will organise its monthly programme ‘Somplolea Tiatristancho Ugddas’ to remember the late tiatr artistes born in August and their contribution to tiatr.

The programme will be held on August 27, at 4 p.m. at the Conference Hall of Tiatr Academy of Goa, Campal Trade Centre, Campal. Songs by some of the deceased tiatrists will be sung by Allison D’souza while Rabin Fernandes will provide the musical score and also accompany in singing.

These late artistes will also be remembered in the programme ‘Yad Somplolea Tiatristanchi’ which will be broadcast on All India Radio’s FM Rainbow channel on August 31 at 9 p.m.

The late tiatrists who will be remembered are:

Saib Rocha

Saib Rocha’s style of writing may have been simple but his stage arrangements and direction were ravishing. Some of his many plays included ‘Romeo and Juliet’, ‘Dubhavi Ghorcarn’, ‘Mog ani Krim’, and ‘Kalsad Nouro’.

C Alvares

C Alvares can rightly be called a ‘legend’. He composed immortal songs like ‘Mollbailo Dov’, ‘Benkddaita Pai’, ‘Claudia’, ‘Korat Upkar’, ‘Sontos Bhogta’, etc. Because of his many popular duets he earned for himself the title ‘King of Duets’. Alvares is believed to have written over 100 tiatrs which include ‘Goencho Mog’, ‘Kednam Udetolo To Dis’, ‘Tujem Durig Mhojea Bhattant’, etc and came to be called the ‘Ace Director’. He has also performed in Konkani movies like ‘Amchem Noxib’, ‘Nirmonn’, and ‘Bhuierantlo Monis’. He performed in the telefilm ‘Faxi Mogachi’ which he also scripted and directed.

Minguel Rod

Minguel Rod wrote 32 tiatrs and penned over 300 songs, which were composed and sung by him. Among the tiatrs written by him are, ‘Gorib Xezari’, ‘Open to Close’, ‘Lembddo Santan’, ‘Tarvotti Irmao’, etc. In 1947, he formed a trio, ‘Kid-Young-Rod’ along with Kid Boxer and Young Menezes. Some of Rod’s memorable songs include ‘Bobor’, ‘Takka Tikki Dho’, ‘Dotik Roddtat’, ‘Rumpapa Dhumpa’, ‘Pek Pek Pek’, etc.

Alfred Rose

Known as the ‘Melody King’, Alfred Rose can be ranked as one of the greatest singers and composers of Konkani stage. He was also a musician and wrote the music for his songs and has produced several albums. Rose wrote about thirteen tiatrs, including ‘Lakhpoti Nouro’, ‘Dotor Advogad’, ‘Bhangaracho Hoti’, Director Saib’, etc. He also acted in films like ‘Amchem Noxib’, ‘Sukhachem Sopon’ and ‘Boglantt’. He published novels like ‘Vingans Monte Kristachem’, ‘Munis Ou Deunchar’, and also a comics book titled ‘Zomnintli Bhirant’. He has also published 10 volumes of his songs, some of which contained musical scores.

Felicio Cardozo

Felicio Cardozo was a journalist, a teacher, and a freedom fighter. He did commendable work in Konkani language by writing scripts in Roman, Devanagari, and Kannada scripts. ‘Apounnem’, ‘Kurnatti Dusman’, ‘Amcheamni Monis Zaum-ieta’ are some of the tiatrs written and directed by Cardozo. Besides playing a role in the Konkani film ‘Jivit Amchem Oxem’, he was also the assistant director of that film.

Francisco Antonio Fernandes

Francisco Antonio Fernandes popularly known as Frans Anton started playing the ‘drums’ for tiatrs at the age of 15 in Alex Mestri’s band. He worked with stalwarts of tiatrs and khell-tiatrs like C Alvares, M Boyer, Remmie Colaco, Anton Moraes, Patrick Dourado, etc. He was also sang in non-commercial tiatrs.

Rosary Ferns

An actor-director, who worked for the development of tiatr in Goa and in Gulf countries, Rosary Ferns wrote and directed numerous tiatrs besides one act plays and musical shows. One of his tiatrs ‘Kuwait Soddun Vetanam’ created history when it was staged in Kuwait by the Mangaloreans in the year 2009. He also composed and sang songs. He recorded a number of audio cassettes and CDs also produced two VCDs ‘Kanvllo Roddlo Lojen’ and ‘Mogan Tujea Lastam’. He composed mandos and dulpods and presented them in mando festivals organised in Kuwait.

Mateus Pereira

Mateus Antonio Pereira (Mathew Perry) was a versatile actor, singer and writer on Konkani stage. His song ‘Xetkamti’ is still fondly remembered. He was conferred the ‘Kala Gaurav Puraskar’ in the year 2010-11 for his contribution to tiatr.

Nicolau Xavier Fernandes

Nicolau Xavier Fernandes (N X Fernandes), was a writer, director, actor, and singer of Konkani stage. The tiatrs he produced include ‘Konn Zait To?’, ‘Bailek Lagon’, ‘Mhaka Favo Aslem’, etc. He also performed for directors like Peter Champion and Peter Gomes and in khell-tiatrs of Socorro Piedade Fernandes, Vitorino Pereira, etc. He regularly presented his folk plays on All India Radio, Goa.

Shalini Mardolkar

An actress and singer, Shalini acted in tiatrs directed by Prem Kumar, M Boyer, Anthony De Sa, Alfred Rose, etc. One of her most memorable performances was the role of Mother Mary in J P Souzalin’s tiatr ‘Saibinnicheo Sat Dukhi’. She also received acclaim for her role as Claudia in the Konkani movie ‘Nirmonn’. Her melodious voice is also immortalised in the song ‘Dhol Mhojea Bai’ in ‘Nirmonn’. She also performed in several other Konkani movies like ‘Amchem Noxib’ and ‘Mhoji Ghorkarn’. She wrote and staged tiatrs like ‘Korta To Bhogta’ and ‘Sounsaracho Gaddo’.

Caetano Inacio Goes

Caetano had performed and staged his shows in Goa, Mumbai and Karachi in Pakistan. He was a writer, director, composer and singer. He performed for directors like Alexinho de Candolim, Jacinto Vaz, M Boyer, Peter Champion, etc. Some of his hit tiatrs were ‘Rogot Bhavponnachem’, ‘Nimnnem Kumsar’, and ‘Carmichem Bentin’. He was a ‘fell’ and ‘khell-tiatr’ artiste also.

Domingos Joao Fernandes

An actor from Bicholim, Fernandes has acted and sung in various tiatrs.

Jose Agostinho Fernandes

Jose Agostinho Fernandes (A Friend) was a composer and singer and also performed in non-stop shows and tiatrs of Patrick Dourado, Menino de Bandar, Peter Gomes, etc.

One of his hit songs was ‘Sovai Rupiya’ in Menino de Bandar’s tiatr ‘Dha Lakh’.

Francisco Xavier Baretto

Francisco Xavier Baretto (F X Barretto) performed varied roles in tiatrs and non-stop dramas of John Claro , Prince Jacob, Salvador Afonso, John D’Silva, etc. He also performed in Salvador Afonso’s Zomnivoilo Khell ‘Mog, Rag, Dusmankai’. His opening solos in John D’Silvas ‘Bott’ and Pascoal Rodrigues’ ‘Ami Tujim Bhurgim’ and his duo with Pascoal Rodrigues in ‘Rozar’ were memorable renditions

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