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Sai Paranjpye’s Film Festival was held at Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG) from March 8 to March 10 and at 1930 K Sera Sera, Vasco from March 9 and March 10.

Film director and screenplay writer, Sai Paranjpye expressed her happiness on hosting the event and said it gave her immense pride to be India’s first woman film director.

“In my entire career as a director, I always allowed my crew/cameraperson to take shots without any interference in their professionalism. However, with changing times more women directors are stepping up into the film industry and I am very much impressed with the work of film director, Zoya Akhtar,” she said.

National Award winning movies like Sparsh, Katha, Chashme Baddoor and ‘Disha’ directed by Paranjpye were screened at the festival.

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