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Reducing stress the Satyavati way

The benefits of meditation cannot be stressed enough! Whether it is by reducing stress, improving sleep, increasing focus or improving relationships, meditation works wonders. In the next Navhind Times workshop participants will learn the Satya Meditation technique with founder of Satyavati Spiritual Foundation, Villy Doctor. NT BUZZ finds out more

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Meditation gives you deep rest. The rest in meditation is said to be deeper than deep. The benefits of meditation are manifold. It promotes both physical and emotional healing. Scientists have measured specific physiological factors (heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory function, etc) during meditation and have proven that it relieves stress. A calm mind, good concentration, clarity of perception, improvement in communication; inner strength and relaxation are all natural results of mediating regularly. In today’s world where stress is the norm, meditation is no longer a luxury. It is a necessity. Meditation holds the power to unconditional happiness and peace of mind.

“In the fast-paced lives we lead today, stress has become too common an occurrence. We grapple with fears about finances, worry about our health, take on tensions about our family, and so much more. As the weight of these pressures increase we begin to seek answers and solutions from the outside, often at great personal cost. The answer however is much closer to home, the answer is inside you,” says Villy Doctor as she explains the benefits of meditation. “When we meditate a channel within us opens up and connects us to the universal energy. When this connection is established everything gets worked out in the best possible way for you. The mind becomes fresh, delicate and beautiful. It cleanses and nourishes you from within and calms you,” she adds.

A psychologist and educationist who has dedicated her life to the upliftment of the disadvantaged through her Satyavati Spiritual Foundation and Light of Life Trust, Doctor is a St Xavier’s College alumnus and has a Masters in Psychology. Her research for her doctorate on ‘Psycho-biological changes that take place through meditation’ sparked her interest in meditation and she has published several papers on the subject.

During her time as an educator she also ran a free counselling and vocational guidance centre called Psych Aid in Mumbai with the objective of helping people overcome drug addiction, alcoholism and problems relating to emotional stress. In the course of this work with thousands of people, she became acutely aware of the positive effects of meditation on its practitioners and her interest was fuelled further.

In the mid-80s Doctor met her own meditation guru, who taught her a technique of meditation that was found in various ancient scriptures. In order to make it easier and simpler for people to tap in to this bottomless well, she studied the various schools of meditation and created a simple technique that could be easily adopted by a vast number of people. Satya Meditation is an extremely simple, scientific meditation technique, developed and perfected by Doctor with the aim to gift its practitioners with an instant connection to the universal energy. “Think of it as your own super-speed WiFi connection to the universe. In several paths a seeker has to embark upon a long, difficult journey of meditation, prayer or yoga before they experience even a glimpse of inner silence. However, with this technique you will instantly experience a connection between yourself and the universe (also called Self Realisation) and enter into a state of consciousness where there are no thoughts. Simply put, Satya Meditation is a state of ‘thought-free awareness’,” she adds.

Explaining further she says, “In the Satya Meditation technique we awaken our dormant energy, at the base of our spine with the gentle power of our own hands. As the energy awakens and rises it opens up all our nerve centres. Once our energy rises through our body it connects with the universal energy around us and we experience a connection between ourselves and the universe. We enter into a state of consciousness where there are no thoughts. Thinking deeply is not meditation. You have to go beyond your thoughts and that is meditation. When all the thoughts leave you and there is only a state of complete pure awareness, that is meditation. Regular practice of this simple technique creates spontaneous unfolding and transformation. One naturally begins to shed old beliefs and patterns that limit us. We go from striving to thriving and each aspect of our life flourishes.”

In 2009, with an aim to spread the Satya Meditation technique, Doctor established the Satyavati Fondation. “Our mission is to establish peace in the world through meditation, bring healing and positive health to people, create happy beings and awaken the primordial energy within every human being through Satya Realisation,” she shares.

As it is the mission of the Foundation to spread the benefits of meditation as widely as possible, all the meditation and self-healing classes and counselling sessions, conducted by Doctor and her team of trained volunteers are offered freely.

“The most important thing for us to realise is that as ascending souls and having ascended, there is no scope or room for negativity in our lives. Meditation helps reduce the negativity and is a solution to many problems,” says Doctor as signs off.

(If you are above 14 years of age and wish to join the workshop, log on to and fill in the application form. Last date for application is January 6.)

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