Tuesday , 18 February 2020
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‘Received gunman’s manifesto 9 minutes before attack’

Christchurch/Wellington : New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has reiterated her promise that there will be changes to the country’s gun laws in the wake of a terrorist attack on two mosques and said her Cabinet will discuss the policy details on Monday, as she announced a crucial cabinet meet on Monday.

At a Sunday news conference, Arden used some of her strongest language yet about gun control, saying that laws need to change and “they will change.” New Zealand has fewer restrictions on rifles or shotguns than many countries, while handguns are more tightly controlled.

Unlike the US, the right to own a firearm is not enshrined in New Zealand’s constitution.

Ardern declined to discuss more details until she’d talked to her Cabinet, the group of top lawmakers that guides policies.  Friday’s mass shootings in Christchurch killed 50 people.

Jacinda Ardern on Sunday said she received the Christchurch gunman’s ‘manifesto’ barely nine minutes before the attack. The attacker was brought down within 36 minutes, she told the press.

Ardern said by the time a police plan was in place, the 911 number was already buzzing, shots had been fired.

The pocket to react was slim, very very slim, she said, and promised all out help to the kin of every member killed.

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