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Ready-made pools

Architect Nikhil Arora aims to popularise swimming pools in Goa through his Mumbai-based company Hydraflux

By Team B&C

Goa’s reputation of a good place to live is attracting people from all over the world. Educated professionals are the latest to settle down here and they are also happy to shift their office to Goa. Architect Nikhil Arora, founder of Hydraflux who is based in Navi Mumbai, also wants to make the move, although for the moment he has opened a branch office in Gurim.

His company, says Arora, is a water solution provider. It provides energy-efficient and economical systems for water needs of commercial users and individuals. Pumps along with filtration systems, ETP and STP systems are some of its products. But in Goa the company is involved in designing and installation of swimming pools, water curtains, fountains and water bodies. Swimming pools, explains Arora, is a new product division of Hydraflux.

The company, he continues, decided to expand its product range because it wanted to make pools affordable to all. There is a misconception that pools are a rich man’s hobby because in developed markets it is present in even middle class homes. Modern pools are designed to suit every budget and can be purchased by all. The home market for pools is bright in Goa, continues Arora, because people live in independent houses with open space for gardens. The commercial market for pools is also robust because of the tourism industry, he says.

Although, most hotels and resorts already have pools, Arora is confident of finding niche customers because he is also into maintenance. In fact, the company is a one-point solution provider for pools and offers annual maintenance contracts (AMC), cleaning products, etc. In several local homes where there are pools, he is shocked to discover the water stagnant or almost empty. Owners, he feels, get discouraged whenever the pool develops a leak and tend to leave it unused. However, regular upkeep will avoid such problems and encourage more people to set up pools, he says.

Hydraflux provides all kinds of pools – concrete as well as pre-fabricated. The advantages of having a pre-fabricated pool for hotels is that it allows them to avoid getting into CRZ hassles, says Arora. Thanks to CRZ laws, hotels located along the beachside cannot construct swimming pools. But a pre-fabricated pool helps to elude the rule because it does not involve construction. The cost of a pre-fabricated pool is half the cost of concrete structures. And if people are worried about durability there is a 10-year warranty on it.

The pools are of all sizes starting from the smallest of 14×10 feet to 80×40 feet. Installation is easy and speedy and maintenance simple which is why pre-fabricated pools are gaining in popularity around the world. As for cost it depends on the size ranging from Rs 4 lakh to Rs 20 lakh for a pool size of 60×20 ft.

For homes, Arora advices a swimming pool of 12×20 ft dimension. It is ideal for a five-six member family and can be easily maintained through a modest outgo of less than Rs 5,000 a month.

Hydraflux was incorporated in January 2012 and as a start-up is establishing itself in the market. The Goa office, says Arora, is recently registered with the local authorities and the company has got its VAT license, CST number and necessary paperwork. The company’s head office in Navi Mumbai employs 35 people including six engineers, technicians, accountants and administration staff.

Sales of swimming pools as yet are modest and not yet Rs 1 crore but two new projects promise to put it on the fast track to growth in 2014-15, he says.

The company is a long term player in Goa and wishes to expand in areas related to construction. As an architect he is passionate about design and wants to put his own stamp on company owned property projects.

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