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Re-booting process to be slow post-lockdown: Survey



A survey conducted by Projects Today, reveals that investments on projects will take a major hit in all industries
during the post-lockdown period. Barring pharmaceuticals and healthcare all other sectors are affected by the ongoing lockdown and it would take a while for these sectors to restart functioning after the lockdown is lifted.

As per the survey, the main hurdles for promoters in kick starting their halted projects are getting adequate funds at reasonable interest, finding labourers matching the skills of those who have left for their hometown and procuring the required raw materials and machineries at the project site.

“The nationwide lockdown has completely disintegrated the supply chain network. It will take a while to reorganise the same. The other three constituents of the project world, viz. architects, consultants and contractors, said their immediate priority would be, to complete the projects in hand and try to retain their current clients.

As far as advantage India is concerned around 27.9 percent of those surveyed said, there is no advantage India, because the country will take at least next two to three
years to come out of the current economic moribund.

Further, they opined that India does not possess the key advantages China has, such as high-class infrastructure, liberal labour laws and very industrial-friendly policies. Projects Today, is a monitoring organization, providing information of new and ongoing projects, project tenders, project news, project-related policies and statistics through its website

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