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Raia villagers resolve to have detailed survey of migrants

Margao: Raising a deep concern over the increase of migrants in the village, the villagers of Raia resolved to have a detailed survey of the migrants put up in rented rooms and that a special gram sabha will be conveyed within a month.  

Rosario Fernandes,  Anthony Barbosa,  Xavier  Fernandes,  Manuel  Barbosa, Peter  Quadros and several other villagers  pointed out that a room which is rented for two was seen occupied  by 15 plus migrants at night and that there is no check on them. 

“The locals are scared to roam during the night. We appeal to the panchayat to do something,’’ the villagers demanded.

Taking part in the discussion, the former sarpanch Xavier Fernandes urged the sarpanch Esmeralda Gomes to prepare guidelines to the owners who rent out their rooms to migrants.

Arlem  residents pointed out that a lot of migrants  are staying in the  Arlem  Communidade  land and that  the  former panchayat body had  even given a house number to the open space at these areas, which encouraged  more  migrants to settle at the site. He also stated that under the section A of the Goa Panchayati Raj Act, a one month  rent has to be given to the panchayat, which the panchayat has to collect.  It was later collectively decided to hold a special gram sabha on the issue within a month.

A resolution was taken to write to the  Minister for  Waste management, Michael  Lobo to  accept the  Raia village  waste at the  Sonsoddo  plant  as and when the  government  takes charge of the waste plant.  Sarpanch Gomes who controlled the gram sabha well, agreed to it after couple of villagers said that they had spoken to Minister Lobo when the latter had visited the Sonsoddo site. 

It was also resolved to penalise those who use plastic and dump their waste in the open areas of the village.   

The members of the gram sabha expressed deep  fear over the increasing  drug menace in the village areas and the  sarpanch promised to write to the  police.   

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