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Quick fixes at IFFI

Midway through the International Film Festival of India, the Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG) organised a press conference to provide an overview of the festival so far.

Speaking at the event vice chairperson, Subhash Phal Desai gave an insight of the events that took place since the opening ceremony. “300 films are to be screened. We have received this year’s schedule of films three days earlier and this has given us an opportunity to plan and schedule our screenings comfortably,” he said.

He added that people have enjoyed being in Panaji city in spite of the crowd. “People haven’t been able to step into the Panaji city due to large crowd and we are proud of the good decor that we have put up starting from ESG which goes beyond Kala Academy,” he said. Desai also spoke about the short film competition called ‘Movie Mania’ which will witness over 400 participants’ creative short films. The winners for the same will be announced on November 29.

He added that seats were full at all the screenings while the change of incorporating new technology caused hindrances to some. “There were problems in the beginning, there were problems due to the extra bandwidth but we have been able to fix that immediately,” said Desai. He added that the organisation has been satisfied with the way IFFI has been running until now. “In spite of certain issues, IFFI will go smoothly till the end. We have been informed by the delegates, producers, directors that this is biggest and most well organised event. We have also been praised by them for the planning and execution,” said Desai.

Chief operations officer (COO), Amit Satija informed about the number of movie screenings that took place until the fifth day and mentioned the number of registered delegates and tickets sold out. “We had 10,190 delegate cards printed this year. 4,817 were cine enthusiasts, 1,227 were professionals and 1,852 were student delegates and nearly 13,000 tickets are sold out every day. And until November 24, 188 screenings have been held across all venues,” said Satija.

While there are many delegates that book these tickets, around 25 per cent of the delegates do not show up at the screening. Thus if the theatre is houseful because of the delegates that haven’t attended then entry will be given to others present.

“The confusion is that if a theatre is showing full at night then it is houseful. The online quota starts at 12 a.m. there are a lot of tickets. The quota of offline is more compared to online and thus people should try to come and book tickets at that time because in that time people are in the process of cancelling tickets,” said Satija.

A certain number of seats are released an hour prior to the show due to cancellations and that time acts as a window for other delegates to book a ticket. “If a person still hasn’t found a ticket he can come to the theatre and stand till the show starts. You’ll be asked to show your card and enter. Once the show starts you will not be asked to book a ticket but before the show starts its compulsory to buy a ticket,” explained Satija. He also added that he will take care of any other grievances or issues that are taking place.

The ESG has initiated an environment friendly film festival by discarding the use of plastic and paper by providing glass water bottles and online ticketing.

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