Quarter-wise power tariff hike was minimal, says Cabral




Power Minister Nilesh Cabral on Wednesday issued a white paper on quarter wise fuel power purchase and cost adjustment (FPPCA) charges which stated that there was minimal increase or decrease in the charges.

The Minister has issued a white paper on comparison of FPPCA charges for last seven quarters.

As per document, there was increase in charges from 7.22 paisa to 13.08 paisa in low tension supply consumer category, which is used for domestic and non commercial purpose from last quarter that is October to December 2019 to current quarter, which will end in March 2020.

Similarly, it was found that FPPCA charges was increased from 3.82 paisa to 11.20 paisa in low income group category and in hotel industries category increase of charges is just 12.84 paisa.

Power Minister explained that increasing or decreasing FPPCA charges is not under the control of the state government but there is a formula laid down by the joint electricity regulatory commission for entire country.

Cabral said that opposition parties are just misguiding and creating panic among the public claiming that FPPCA charges have been increased by the government.

“The Opposition does not have any issue, so they are just trying to raise unnecessary issues,” he said.

He also said that the FPPCA charges are variable as per fuel prices in the international market.