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Purumentachem Fest Should Be Held


The annual fishing ban will be in force in the state from June 1.   There will obviously be scarcity of fish which is a staple diet of Goans. People of the state have been undergoing hardships due to the lockdown as there has been a steady fall in the income. Coupled with this the poor man’s meat is slowly getting out of bounds as prices of beef and chicken have seen a nearly 200 per cent hike post the lockdown. Mutton could be beyond the reach of the common man. People will be struggling to get the essential food stuff during the rainy season. It is pertinent to note that Goans stock dry fish and other food items for the rains. Much of these dry fish and other food items is bought during the Purumentachem fest at Old Market in Margao. But with the lockdown and the scare of COVID-19 infection, there is uncertainty of the fair being allowed by the government. Some political leaders have come forward in support of the traditional fair saying that the government can permit the fair by enforcing safety guidelines such as social distancing, proper sanitation, etc. It is pertinent to note that the markets across the state have been allowed to operate. Hence the government could also allow the Purumentachem fest to be held so that people can stock on the essential food items.

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