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Propagating cohesiveness through stylised art

Naguesh Rao Sardessai

‘Through The Eyes of a Goat’ is Mohan Naik’s latest offering of paintings on display at Carpe Diem Art Gallery at Majorda. A name to reckon with in the art circle today, it was Mohan who made the idea of living solely off earning through the sale of art fashionable in Goa several years back. Presenting his unique style and palette, Mohan changed the market dynamics of art in this small state.

Giving up his secure job, Mohan, a double graduate, jumped into the world of paints and canvas only to produce some incredible works that find place in several elite houses and collections of art connoisseurs.

Animals and human beings cohabit in his canvas sending a strong message of our interdependency and urgent need to preserve and protect nature. He is preoccupied with capturing rural life and the lush environment that he resides in. An avid nature lover, Mohan works from his village-based studio and hopes to do his bit in preserving Goan landscape from destruction through his canvas.

Bringing focus to a goat’s eyes through his latest exhibitions title, Mohan, in a way, draws our attention to the innocence palpable in nature and animals like goat. He expects viewers to have a compassionate approach and extend their hand in supporting the cause of forces striving to make this globe a safe place to live.

Here, Mohan has on display works that invariably have a goat in the picture. Stylised human figures with elongated structures, trees that stand as silent witnesses, the surface of the earth that has been washed with several shades of brown and the overall composite whole displays Mohan’s maturity and qualitative strength.

The animals in his works rise above to display expressive eyes and rich emotional state. They are humanised and merged with the human populace to exhibit cohesiveness.

Warm hues that include soft yellow, chrome, ochre, etc, covering the canvas holding dashes of sap greens, blues, whites and other such hues excite one’s aesthetic sensibilities.

Not content with just churning out works of art, Mohan experiments with various techniques and mediums that includes oils and pastels. However, he has developed a technique, after painstaking research whereby, his works have a longer shelf life and remain new for several years.

With several solo shows to his credit and his art work being exhibited at numerous group shows, Mohan is busy identifying and promoting young upcoming talent by offering a platform and opportunities. Having received accolades and respect, Mohan will surely succeed in his noble mission.  Stylistically Indian his works appeal to a larger audience around the world. It is no wonder that he has collectors coming from far and wide to his village studio in South Goa.

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