Thursday , 21 November 2019
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Promoting short films through new technology

“It is very important to share the success you have achieved in your field with others,” said filmmaker Judy Gladstone at a panel discussion held on promoting short films through new technology during the 47th IFFI.
Citing examples of various upcoming directors of full length movies, Judy stressed that it is very important for the filmmakers to start their careers with a short film. “Aspiring filmmakers should start their career by making a short film and then move on to make a full length film. This doesn’t mean that they should just make one short film and immediately make a full length movie. However, they should make a short film and it should be an excellent one. It should involve as much effort as in the making of a full-length film,” she said. She further said: “Be it a short film of 30 seconds, one minute or five minutes. Be it a short film with visual effects, with music, or a silent one, it should be excellent.”
Judy also highlighted that making a short film involves teamwork and the credit of its success involves everyone. “The kinds of colleagues you choose matters a lot. Making a short film is not a single person’s task rather it involves a team. A team that should work together to attain perfection.”
Talking about the promotion of short films on new media, president of Docs & Shorts, Ramesh Tekwani said: “I would call new technology as new media because it is not just about the new medium rather it is a new way of seeing something.” Awadhesh Kumar, head of distribution and syndication at National Film Development Corporation Ltd. (NFDC) stated that internet is definitely a tool that can help a film to reach people. He said: “Most of the people today upload their films on channels like YouTube because it is accessible and one can upload their short films for free.” He also mentioned social media as another medium for promotion. Getting onto the topic of watching short films on television, he mentioned that audience is not very open to seeing short films on television. “Audience is not really open to watching short films on television. However, it is a great medium to reach people. In future I hope and I think that television will become a medium to broadcast short films for audiences,” he said.
Awadhesh further mentioned that a short film adds up to the profile of any filmmaker. It is short and helps to judge the maker’s calibre and potential to make full-length films.
Kaushik Roy, head of branding and strategy, Jio said that platforms like Jio can be used in future to promote the short films, reaching mass audience. However, he added that even a short film needs to have some kind of suspense that can engage the audience.
Various short films were shown at the panel discussion to explain the different features of the genre. Most of these movies were nominated for Academy Awards for their perfection.

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