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Problems That Plague GMC

The perennial water shortage has come to haunt the Goa Medical College and Hospital yet again with wards facing acute shortage and operations being postponed for want of it. The problem gets worse with frequent power outages, causing hospital laundry not to function to its capacity leading to shortage of washed and sterilised linen forcing the authorities to put off operations. Water and power problems must be solved in order to make the GMC Hospital serve the patients properly. There are other issues, like cleanliness, intrusion of rats in hospital wards, shortage of medicines, etc that have also plagued GMC for years, and the concerned government departments and GMC authorities have to find solutions to these problems as well.
Public Works Department officials allege that treated water supply to the GMC and Hospital complex at Bambolim has been unauthorisedly diverted for construction purposes. The allegation carries credence as it comes in wake of the PWD turning down the request of the Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation (GSIDC) for a commercial connection to support ongoing construction activities. The authorities need to find out how of 1,896 cubic metres of water supplied to the GMC was used and whether there was any pilferage. According to the PWD officials the water supply was to meet GMC’s round-the-clock requirements but for the last month or so GMC wards have not been receiving water even for a few hours. If water was being pilfered where was it being diverted and who is the beneficiary of the stolen water? Is the water being used for ongoing construction works at the GMC? According to the PWD officials the water supplied was as per the requirement of patients, staff and students. The GMC management has not been able to supply water in the wards as a result of which the bathrooms have been stinking. As a result of short supply of water cleanliness has also taken a beating. Responsibility should be fixed for diversion of water supply by an unbiased probe.
The authorities need to also find ways and means to ensure that GMC has uninterrupted power supply. Power outages and trippings could lead to various problems including damage to the costly gadgets installed in the GMC and the hospital which in turn could lead to danger to the lives of the patients. Another aspect that needs the attention of the authorities is the cleanliness in the GMC complex, particularly the hospital unit. The new ward block, which once wore a swanky look, is in very bad shape. Cleanliness has taken a backstage, with shortage of water compounding the problem. The authorities have miserably failed to restrain free movement of people and misuse of the premises with hundreds of people using the premises as a night shelter. The problems are compounded as these people bring food in the premises and consume it and throw leftover food for consumption of stray dogs. Easy availability of food has prompted many dogs to also make the hospital their shelter home. Even cattle are seen at times in the GMC complex feeding on the strewn food and plastic, though the institution has a large number of security guards deployed in its complex. The authorities have also not been able to move out taxis and other private vehicles parked within the complex as a result of which the hospital staff finds it difficult to park their vehicles.
The smooth functioning of the GMC is vital for the state: the authorities should do everything possible to keep it functioning uninterrupted. Given the fact that cleanliness is vital in hospital all efforts should be made to maintain the same as any lapse could led to break out of an epidemic. The authorities have to act to ensure smooth and uninterrupted supply of water and power to the GMC so that it functions without any hindrance. To meet the needs of water for construction purposes the authorities could use the treated water from the sewage treatment plant installed in the complex. A proposal was mooted three to four years back for the purpose but has not been implemented yet. There have been allegation that the GSIDC, which has also been entrusted work on maintenance of GMC and the hospital, has been evading the maintenance work due to its busy schedule with some of its officials claiming that maintenance did not fit in their scheme of things and as such the authorities need to ponder and decide to give the PWD the charge of maintenance. The need of the hour is to ensure that GMC functions uninterrupted for the benefit of the people.

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