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Prices of onions, vegetables soar

Panaji: Prices of all vegetables have crossed Rs 40-per kg mark in the municipal market except for potatoes as traders from far and wide states like West Bengal and New Delhi are frequenting to Belgaum to buy the best quality onions and other vegetables.

A retailer informed that there is a shortage of vegetables in those states due to the untimely rains and added that all vegetable crops got destroyed, and so these traders are frequenting the wholesale market in Belgaum for purchasing the vegetables.

A wholesaler and retailer from Panaji municipal market, Alauddin Shaikh said that most of the traders from north prefer onions and other vegetables from south India due to  their good quality and added that vegetable crops in their states were all destroyed due to the untimely rain.

Another onion wholesaler, who wants to remain anonymous, said that those who got the old onion stock are now reaping the benefit of hike in prices. 

They are selling it at exorbitant prices and this will continue till the new yield hits the market, he added. 

As a result of short supply, there is a big gap between demand and supply of onions and other vegetables in the Belgaum wholesale market, and so the prices have soared, he said adding in Belgaum, traders are fighting amongst themselves to grab the vegetables that arrive in the market and due to the infighting the middlemen are taking home substantial profits.

On Monday morning, grade 1 onions were being sold for Rs 60 a kg while lower grade onions were available for  Rs 50 a kg and Rs 40 per kg, and tomatoes were available at Rs  60 a kg, capsicum Rs 60 a kg,  bhendi Rs 60 a kg, bitter gourd Rs 60 a kg, bottle gourd Rs 40 a kg, carrots Rs 80 a kg, green chilli Rs 80 a kg, brinjal Rs 50 kg, beans Rs 80 a kg, cluster beans Rs 60 a kg, G-4 chilli Rs 80 a kg while ginger was being sold for Rs 120 a kg and garlic was available for Rs 240 a kg.

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