Saturday , 25 January 2020
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‘Preventive measures undertaken to curb illegalities at Colvale jail’



The prison authority has claimed to have taken a number of preventive measures to curb illegalities at the new modern Central Jail, Colvale.

Officials at the prison department stated that raids are being conducted regularly in the cells in order to check presence of banned articles, such as mobile phones, tobacco, intoxicating substances, weapons etc, if by any means or out of sight have reached  the prisoners.

Referring to one of measures, the officials said that in the recent past, accommodation and offices of police personnel and jail staff have been shifted in the newly constructed administrative block and their entry in the prison premises is restricted.

This has helped to control the alleged illegalities that were going on in the prison, claimed the prison officials.

Elaborating on this, the officials said that initially, when the Central Jail was commissioned in 2015, the IRBn (Indian reserve battalion) personnel, escort cell and jail staff were accommodated in one of the prison blocks of the jail, as a make-shift arrangement.

They were carrying their belongings along with them while entering the main gate to perform duty, which has been one of the opportunities for these personnel to carry out alleged malpractices in the prison, claimed the prison officials.

However, in the recent past, the accommodation and offices of all these agencies have been shifted in the newly constructed administrative block.

According to the prisons officials, there is a 3-tier frisking system adopted at the Central Jail, that is outer-ring and main gate is manned by the IRBn personnel, where the frisking of inmates is carried out during entry and exit. The jail executive staff up to the rank of assistant superintendent and also visitors are frisked during their entry.

The second gate of prison is manned by the jail staff, who carry out frisking of the inmates and the jail executive staff, while at the third gate that is at the individual block of the jail, the duty head guards conduct frisking of each and every individual who enters the block and that the jail staffers who are performing duty inside the blocks are restricted from carrying their cell phones.

Referring to other measures, the prison officials said that there are door frame metal detectors, baggage scanner and handheld detectors to take care of frisking process of the items/articles that are brought in the prison.

These equipment are also used to frisk the visitors, staff and jail inmates. The officials said that CCTV cameras have been installed in the premises at all the sensitive points, which come handy during any untoward incident for the investigation purpose.

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