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Precautionary measures taken while packaging of essential commodities: Mayor

PANAJI – The city Mayor, Uday Madkaikar said that all the precautionary measures have been taken while packaging of the essential commodities by the staff and they are using glows as well face masks.

“It is better to take precautions as ‘prevention is better than cure’,” he said.
It may be noted that some people are taking extra precautions while buying bread, milk sachets, vegetables, fruits and grocery items from the market.
Some concerned citizens said that the bread suppliers, milk suppliers, or even grocery shop owners should use either sanitisers or hand glows while conducting the business.

Some concern citizens said that it is better to take all necessary precautions and suggested that sanitary officials should give surprise checks to the bakeries, vegetable, fruit shops and grocery shops, to check if they are properly following government guidelines and taking precautionary measures.    

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