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Luke Coutinho

One of the most complex problems while treating 4th stage cancer patients and other diseases is enabling and ensuring that the intestines and cells can absorb the nutrition being provided through the food being eaten. Fruits, vegetables and spices contain magical and very powerful healing properties for every disease that exists, but it’s useless if these foods cannot be absorbed by the body in the right way. From weight loss to the most complex diseases, here are a few fruits, vegetables and spices that may actually replace medication and in most cases I have seen amazing results of people actually healing and moving away from conventional medicines, when they align themselves with nature, and that includes eating natural.
Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli
Ideal for weight loss as low in calories
It is full of vitamin K and anthocyanins that help with mental function and concentration.
Compounds like lupeol, sinigrin and sulforaphane help prevent cancer and inhibit growth of cancer tumours.
Rich in potassium thus helps keeping blood pressure in control.
The natural red pigments of red cabbage – betalains helps lower blood sugar levels and boosts insulin production.
I use this amazing vegetable to support the healing and possible prevention of cancer. It can be used for almost all diseases and weight loss too, as it has powerful vitamins and anti-oxidants that can boost the immunity, and immunity is everything when it comes to the prevention of cancer and disease as well as keeping it in remission.
Lady finger
It is packed with dietary fibre that helps stabilise blood sugar levels by inhibition of enzymes metabolising carbohydrates, enhancement of production of insulin, increased secretion of insulin.
Pectin, a soluble fibre helps lower cholesterol levels
Folate or Vitamin B9 present in lady finger helps prevent neurological birth defects in their newborn.
I would advise people with diabetes to indulge in the amazing vegetable. Go easy on frying and deep frying it, even though that tastes really good, plus that extra heat would destroy almost all of its nutrients. The fibre will help keep your bowel movement running in top order, and do note that constipation is dangerous for you and leads to the cause of many medical conditions including cancer and a compromised immune system. Great for the heart and managing cholesterol and triglycerdies.
Helps improve vision due to beta carotene that gets converted to vitamin A.
Falcarinol and Falcarindinol present in carrots have anti cancer properties.
High level of beta carotene acts as antioxidant which slows the aging process
One of my favourite vegetables. Juice it, make it into a soup, eat it raw. Amazing amount of fibre and super for your colon health. One of the best liver detox juices is a carrot juice. It has the ability to regenerate enzymes in the liver. I use this for treating cancer, boosting immunity and of course for weight loss as it’s extremely low in calories. My morning juice is fresh raw carrot juiced with a 1 inch piece of ginger, some fresh lemon, ½ tsp of moringa powder and at night I add in a pod of raw garlic.
Rich in fat content makes it easier to absorb fat soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K from vegetables by adding it.
Avocados contain phytosterols, carotenoid antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acid and polyhydroxylated fatty alcohols which make it anti inflammatory.
With the mix properties of antioxidant and anti inflammatory makes them combat certain cancers like mouth, skin and prostate.
It contains vitamin E and glutathione which proves beneficial during Chemotherapy.
Heart health, lowering cholesterol, losing weight and providing you with a rich amount of omega 3, this amazing gift from nature can be used as a sandwich spread, guacamole or just simply add it to a salad or a smoothie. I use this to support harsh chemotherapy treatments and radiation to keep the immunity strong and boosted.
Anthocyanidins, type of flavanoid keeps you mentally sharp and postpones cognitive decline.
Rich in fibre they help manage diabetes.
Being rich in fibre and water, it gives a full feeling, thus helps in weight loss.
It has cancer preventing properties due to high flavanoid content.
The human body ingests heavy metals through the food we eat, water we drink and the air that we breathe. These heavy metals compromise the functioning of the body and immunity at a cellular levels and it’s important we help the body detox itself of these metals. One the best fruits that has the capacity to bind with heavy metals and remove it from the body are strawberries. Indulge…
Lowers Cholesterol due to its fibre content and rich in antioxidant.
Boosts immunity
Has low glycemic index, so good for diabetes
Rich in vitamin A and betacarotene, it is great for eyes.
Enzyme papain in papaya aids in digestion and menstrual pain.
They call it the ‘Golden Fruit’ for the right reasons. The fruit and leaves from the papaya tree have cancer curing abilities, due to the enzyme papain. I would advise people to eat this fruit to keep their immunity high, prevent colds and flu’s. Making a juice of the leaf can also boost blood platelets rapidly, making it effective in the treatment of dengue and other blood related diseases. Sprinkle some lemon and black pepper on a bowl of freshly cut papaya and enjoy.

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