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Pothole ridden roads: govt to take contractors to task

Panaji: Minister for Public Works Deepak Prabhu Pauskar, on Monday, warned that the government will file cases against the PWD contractors if they fail to repair roads by month of November-December as per their contract agreement.

Speaking to the media at the Secretariat, the Minister said there are 55 contractors, who were awarded contracts of hot-mix carpeting of the roads from 2018 onwards, and so must repair and fill potholes on the roads as per the contract agreement.

“As of now, all the contractors have assured us that they will repair the roads that were awarded to them for hot mixing. If they fail to undertake repair of these roads by next November-December as per their contract agreement, the government will file cases against them,” he warned.

Pauskar also said if there is no rain, the PWD will fill up all the potholes which are out of the road stretches that were awarded to these 55 contractors before 2018.

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