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THIS, NOT A ROAD ANYMORE: The service road in Porvorim has turned into a kuccha road with crater-like potholes filled with slush dotting the stretch from the North District Superintendent of Police office right upto the Hero showroom. The hapless motorists are at the receiving end of the situation, especially the daily commuters. Apart from the tormenting experience, the motorists are complaining that the situation will increase the maintenance cost of their vehicles

Porvorim service road messed up in rains; motorists bear the brunt


PORVORIM: The construction work of the cable-stayed third Mandovi bridge has already messed up the highway near the Sai Service car showroom-Secretariat stretch on both sides, but now with rains the situation has been exacerbated with the road developing gaping potholes filled with slush near the Hero showroom.

The situation is particularly bad on the service road from just before the Sanjay school where the diversion has been made for the Panjim-bound traffic due to ongoing bridge work. The service road stretch especially near the Hero showroom is in pathetic state with the rains turning it into lunar surface dotted with slush-filled potholes. The motorists are the ones who are facing the brunt of the uneven road that has made commuting on this stretch a nightmarish experience.

The situation is such that the service road stretch witnesses traffic congestion throughout the day due to the potholes and bumpy surface. The road has completely washed away and the loose gravel has turned it slippery, which is a risk especially for two-wheeler riders.

Many motorists, familiar with the internal roads, have started to avoid the service stretch to escape from the backbreaking experience.

Motorists, especially the two-wheeler riders, are often found dodging their way through the deep potholes filled with mud and this goes on upto the Hero showroom.

What has increased the slush on the road is that the mud, used to cover potholes as a temporary measure, has washed away.

On Thursday night, a Maruti van and a motorcycle got stuck in the slush while on Friday morning a tempo was in a similar situation leading to a traffic jam.

Apart from the motorists, the residents of the area want the authorities to do something about the road immediately.  They say with the closure of the roundabout near the Sai Service showroom and now with the service road turning into a kuccha road, their woes have compounded.

“I feel bumpy whenever I go on my two-wheeler due to numerous potholes and loose gravel all along the stretch right from the North District Superintendent of Police office till the Hero showroom,” said a student Maurice D’Souza.

Bandodkar, a shopkeeper, said the bridge contractor should fill the road with rubble and then restore it with a coat of tar otherwise the road will not last for too long.

A commuter Abel Fernandes said that travelling on this stretch has become nothing less than a nightmare. “The government should get the road tarred and give some relief to the motorists from the harrowing experience,” Fernandes added.

Locals pointed out that due to such condition of the road waiting for a bus has also become inconveniencing as passing vehicles splash slush from the potholes.

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