Wednesday , 23 October 2019
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Porvorim residents at mercy of muddy water



Thousands of people living in Porvorim and surrounding villages have been at the mercy of muddy tap water, which they have been using for drinking, cooking, washing and bathing.

The residents, who have been getting the muddied water for the last one month, have been anguished by the apathy shown by the authorities despite several complaints against the abysmal quality of water.

Giving the reasons for the tap water getting muddied, junior engineer of the PWD in Porvorim Gopal Sidhaye said that there was a landslide at the Tillari dam site after the downpour lashed the area, and the sludge went downstream, chocking the water filter pump at the Assonora water supply plant.

The repairs will take more than 10 days, and thereafter clean water to the consumers in Porvorim and surrounding villages will be restored.

The people living in Porvorim, Socorro, Penha de Franca, Sangolda and other areas have been getting the slush water. They have expressed their fears over the poor quality water, saying that the people may fall prey to water-borne diseases if they continue using the muddied water.

The people have also been harrowed by irregular water supply, although the state has witnessed torrential rains in the last 10 days.

Taking matters into their own hands, some concerned panch members and consumers met local MLA Rohan Khaunte who summoned top PWD officials from Porvorim at his office.

The MLA instructed the officials on supplying water regularly to the localities.

Khaunte told executive engineer Albert Barretto and assistant engineer Borkar to make arrangement for water tankers if tap water supply is erratic.

The concerned citizens claimed that the PWD is supposed to ensure water supply to residents at least for two hours every day.

But usually water trickles down the taps only for 30 minutes, said the residents from Housing Board Colony, Pundalik Nagar, Journalist Colony, Gopal Nagar, Kranti Nagar, Socorro, Sangolda and other localities.

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