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Pomburpa-Olaulim villagers want spring water conserved

Mapusa: Pomburpa-Olaulim panchayat during a special gram sabha meeting held on Sunday resolved to conserve and store water of the spring in the Pomburpa village.

The extraordinary gram sabha held at the panchayat hall was presided over by the sarpanch Prabhakar Halarnkar and attended by just around six people. Besides sarpanch only one panch member Swapnil Chodankar was present. During the meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s letter was read out by the sarpanch.

After reading out the letter, sarpanch Halarnkar said, “As part of initiative, the panchayat wishes to take up a scheme wherein lakhs of litres of fresh water from Pomburpa spring which flows into the river can be stored so that the same can be used by villagers.”

Commenting on the suggestion, Vijay Shirodkar said, “The proposal is good but while taking it ahead we have to ensure that there is no damage to the spring which is iconic. Besides this if we go ahead with the proposal then we need to have a system in place so that dirty water after having bath at the spring should not get mixed with the stored water.”

Another panch member Swapnil Chodankar said, “The move of government is very good but whether any provision for fund is made needs to be clarified. If no fund provision is made then the panchayat will have to take it up under panchayat fund.”

Villagers also opined that rain water, flowing down into the village from the hilly areas through major nullah, can also be harvested as it gets accumulated in the


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