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Thick vegetation that has grown in the Colva creek

Pollution control board team inspects Colva creek, collects water samples


A team of pollution control board alongwith members of Colva civic and consumer forum on Friday carried out an inspection of the creek and the beach area here only to find garbage on the beach and vegetation in the creek due to pollution.

The pollution control board team collected water samples from the creek as per directions of the high court based on a petition filed by the forum.

The team also found sewage and other waste discharged into the creek despite the opening having been sealed in 2012.

Speaking to reporters, activist Judith Almeida informed that the inspection was carried out as the high court is slated to take a final call on the petition. She said that the pollution control board officials have seen in what condition the creek is and “we

do not know what the test results of the water samples will show as sea water has come into the creek.”

It may be recalled that the forum had filed a public interest litigation taking note of the awful condition of the creek. Following the PIL, the creek was cleaned in 2012 while an expert committee was also formed to study the condition of the creek.

Almeida informed that the expert committee had found that most of the restaurants were directly releasing sewage including human waste into the creek and that even wells had become

She said there is heavy vegetation growth inside the creek for the first time and it is evident that it is polluted, adding, despite court orders other government departments have not worked in a holistic manner to save the


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