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Plumbers empowered with skill certification  

The Indian Plumbing Skill Council (IPSC) in association with the Indian Plumbing Association (IPA), Builders’ Association of India (BAI)- Goa  and Government Polytechnic, Altinho, organized a two- day program for working plumbers. The programme held in the polytechnic campus on January 18-19 and was under the Skill India mission of the government. In all total 34 plumbers participated in the session. At the end of the programme they were provided with certificates from IPSC which are valid for employment in India as well as multiple foreign nations. The certificates acknowledged the prior skills of the plumbers and further helped to empower them. Officials who conducted the programme said in future they would go a step further and solve issues pertaining to scarcity of skilled workforce faced especially by building construction and maintenance industry.

Considering the tremendous response from the stakeholders, more such sessions are likely to be conducted in time to come.

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