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Pipeline burst affects water supply to Siolim-Marna



The villagers of Siolim Marna are undergoing hardship due to the bursting of the main pipeline resulting in poor supply of water. Villagers blamed the water supply official for continuous breakdown, while the PWD official has claimed that the ACC cement pipeline is bursting due to heavy flow of traffic.

Siolim Marna residents have been undergoing hardship due to low pressure of water which is insufficient to cater to their needs. One of the reasons for the low pressure is the 40-year-old water pipeline which is made up of ACC cement.             

Raising concern over the issue, Gregory D’Souza said, “Time and again this problem has been brought to the notice of the PWD engineer but they have failed to address the issue. Following a warning from the local MLA the water supply was improved, however in the last couple of months we have been receiving poor supply of water” said D’Souza.

A panch member William Fernandes said that the problem is with the water pipeline which was installed in early 1945. If the water pressure is increased then the pipeline begins to burst, he said.

“We (panchayat) have now taken a resolution and along with a note to the PWD to replace the existing ACC pipeline to PVC water pipeline and we hope that before the hot mixing of the main road is done the existing pipeline will be replaced” informed Fernandes.

A PWD official said, “We have got a proposal from the panchayat who have taken a resolution to replace the existing pipeline from Paramount building to St Anthony’s Church from ACC to PVC. We are undertaking the repair of existing water tanks in Marna, Sodiem and Oxel at an estimated cost of Rs 16.7 lakh and the work order has been given”.

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