Saturday , 25 January 2020
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Personal enmity hijacks Sangolda gram sabha

Sangolda: The Sangolda gram sabha was hijacked on Sunday by personal enmity of two families, whose women members slugged it out with each other. 

The gram sabha was called off due to the fight between the two families in the panchayat hall over alleged dispute on paddy fields. Members of both the families went to the Saligao police station and filed complaints against each other.

A police constable, who belongs to one of the families   and who attended the gram sabha, was booked by the police for allegedly molesting a woman during the meeting.  

The gram sabha began on a stormy note as villagers objected to the resolution adopted during the previous gram sabha on widening of the CHOGM Road.

The villagers demanded that panchayat secretary Pooja Gawas must take back the particular resolution. Hence the resolution was withdrawn.

The villagers pressed for action on another resolution adopted at the gram sabha held on July 7, which had accused one Washington Pereira of siphoning off lakhs of rupees as connected to the Sangolda football ground.

Pereira, who was attending the gram sabha on Sunday, tried to clear the air, saying that the matter is in the court. However, the adamant villagers demanded that the resolution as regards Pereira’s case must not be revoked by the gram sabha.

The villagers’ persistence led to heated arguments between two groups – one led by Pereira and the other by Suhanan Naik, a police constable attached to the GRP.

Samson Dias, who rallied behind Pereira, accused sarpanch Avinash Naik of supporting illegalities.

The duel took an ugly turn when women members of Dias and Naik families started pulling each other’s hairs.

It must be mentioned here that that there was no   woman police constable at the gram sabha, which began at 10 am.     

The villagers took the sarpanch to task for not arranging sound system for the meeting. Moreover, lights were put off when the gram sabha began.

Sultana Dias, sister of Samson Dias, filed a complaint with the Saligao police station against Suhanan Naik for allegedly molesting her.  

A counter-complaint was filed by Deepali Naik, who is related to the police constable, against Samson Dias’ brother Ibrahim Dias for allegedly using pepper spray.

The Sangolda sarpanch also filed a police complaint against Samson Dias and Pereira for abusing him and disrupting the gram sabha proceedings.

The police filed an FIR against the police constable under Section 354 of the Indian Police Code.  

The police also booked Ibrahim Dias under Section 324 of the IPC.

They said that members of both the groups were sent for a medical checkup   at the Candolim public health centre.

Later, they were shifted to the district hospital at Mapusa.

Medical reports are awaited, and investigation is in progress. 

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