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Pernem police come to the rescue of stray cattle, dogs

Mapusa: Besides extending assistance to daily wage workers and stranded tourists in the Pernem taluka, the police in the taluka under the guidance PI Sandesh Chodankar is also providing food to the stray animals in its jurisdiction.

With the lockdown in place, things have gone bad not only for the humans but also for the stray animals including cattle and dogs who were surviving on waste food either dumped along the roadside or in market areas.

The taluka has a large number of the stray cattle and dogs that are dependent on food waste from market, temples, and hotels for their survival, however, the lockdown has hit them hard and so are forced to move from one place to another in search of food.

 “We have to take care of the animals in distress too,” said PI Sandesh Chodankar, adding  that “we are feeding stray cattle whom we see moving on the roads. Even some of them come to police station and we have been feeding them. Besides cattle even dogs are provided food.”

“Usually these stray animals used to get enough food, especially, on Tuesday at temple  or on Pernem bazzar day ample of vegetables to eat. However, following the lockdown things are bad for them as their source of food has vanished, “said PI Chodankar.

“In order to help these animals in distress we are working in collaboration with Gyan Foundation,  which takes care of stray dogs in Panaji, The foundation is providing us the feed, which is then given to the cattle.”

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