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Permits to self-employed persons, construction works

Panaji: All the Block Developmental Officers are informed that the Goa State Executive Committee (SEC) has authorized the Panchayat Secretaries to issue permits for the self-employed persons providing various services like electricians, IT repairs, plumbers, motor-mechanics, carpenters as specified in the guidelines issued by Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).

The said permits would only involve the issuance of transit permits and work operation in connection with the profession of self-employment for providing services as listed above, by strictly adhering to the norms of Social Distancing and other directives by MHA.

With regards to private construction licenses, the owner/builder/developer will seek permission from the concerned Village Panchayat. The permission for the construction/reconstruction works and the travel permit for labour/concerned person will be given by the concerned village Panchayat Secretary.

As regards to pre-monsoon works, the concerned person may make an application to the village Panchayat Secretary, who will issue the transit pass to the labour. 

Village panchayat secretaries are required to issue permissions to restart the crushers in accordance with MHA guidelines, after receipt of applications from the owners to that effect. No separate permit for movement of goods vehicles in connection with the construction activity is required to be issued as all goods traffic is permitted activity as per the guidelines.

The work permission/construction permission/transit permits will be subject to fulfillment of all the National Directives for COVID-19 management contained in MHA guidelines including wearing of face cover is compulsory in all public places, work places.  All persons at work places and transport will ensure social distancing. Work places will have a gap of one hour between shifts and will stagger the lunch breaks of staff to ensure social distancing.  All organization/individuals will sanitise their work places regularly. For workers coming from outside the village panchayat jurisdiction (not from outside the State), a special transportation facility will be arranged without any dependency on the public transport system.  These vehicles should be allowed to work only with 30-40% passenger capacity.  All vehicles and machinery entering the work site should be disinfected by spray mandatorily. There should be a total ban on non-essential visitors at the site.

All the BDO’s are therefore instructed to direct the village panchayat secretaries under their respective jurisdiction to issue such transit permits/permission upon receipt of application in respect of permissible activities. The village panchayat secretaries will maintain a record of all such permits/permission and submit a soft copy of the same to the Directorate of Panchayat via concerned BDO.  

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