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People from Mapusa, surrounding areas rush to buy essential items



After giving an overwhelming response to the ‘Janata Curfew’ on Sunday, the people of Mapusa and surrounding areas, on Monday, rushed to the Mapusa market and shops nearby to purchase essential commodities like vegetables, fruits and other items.

Trucks carrying vegetables had arrived at the market. On Sunday, ‘Janta Curfew’ received thumping support from the residents of Mapusa and surrounding areas, curfew was 100 percent success.

The state government has extended the curfew by three more days till March 25, appealing the general public to stay indoors.

On Monday morning, a rush a was witnessed at the Mapusa market and general stores in the surrounding areas, wherein people were seen buying groceries, vegetables, fruits and other items as a provision for the days to come as announcement has been made that the market would remain closed till March 31.

Vegetable trucks from neighbouring states had arrived, and the people could buy vegetables. However, after some photos went viral on social media, the Mapusa police took cognisance and asked the vegetable vendors to leave the town.

Meanwhile, few shops opened for business in the market subyard but were compelled to close down by the police.

After the vegetables vendors were asked to move out of the town limits, they proceed to various places outside the town to sell their remaining stock.

They parked their vehicles at various locations like Karaswada junction, Tar-Bastora junction, Ganeshpuri  Housing Board and other places.

In a bid to check the movement of vehicles, Mapusa police had put barricade at the entry point – Gandhi Circle, and vehicles were stopped and asked for their purpose of movement. Even some of them were sent back.

Post 1.30 pm, traffic came to a standstill.

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