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People being misled on CAA, says Siddharth

Panaji: While on Wednesday the capital city witnessed a convergence of thousands of people to voice concerns against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA), on Thursday a group of residents of Panaji, led by former MLA Siddharth Kunkolienkar, came out in support of the CAA.

Panaji is with the Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah and residents of Panaji have gathered to support the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, stated Kunkolienkar.

This initiative was organised by Deshpremi Nagrik Manch in support of the CAA at Mahalaxmi temple in the city on Thursday.

Addressing media, Kunkolienkar stated that the CAA is meant to provide shelter to the refugees seeking asylum in India who have come from countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh after facing persecution.

“There is no fear to those who have all documents to prove their citizenship,” he said.  NRC, he said, was carried out in Assam under the supervision of Supreme Court and this step was taken in favour of the nation and under the CAA all the communities are covered.

He said the Citizenship (Amendment) Act will give refugees from countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh a respectable status and due to this the BJP government at the Centre has brought

this Act.

Refugees from Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist faiths from all these three nations who entered India on or before December 31, 2014 can apply for citizenship and in order to confer Indian citizenship on them the amendment has been brought, he said.

Congress party and AAP, he said, do not have any issue with them and alleged that these parties were provoking Muslims by misleading them on the Citizenship Amendment Act.

“The members of the minority community are being misled by these political parties deliberately and an atmosphere of fear is being created. I appeal to all the communities to study the Act first and then express views on it,” he said.

He said the citizens of Panaji have gathered here to send a message to all Indians that residents of Goa’s capital city are with the Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah on the CAA.

“Many people who are protesting do not know what they are protesting about and political parties like Congress and AAP are adding fuel to the fire by misleading the people,” he alleged.  “We Goans and the Goa government are fully backing the Centre as regards the CAA,”

he reiterated.

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