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Paroda locals anxious over state highway alignment




All eyes are on the public works department (PWD) as the one-month period for identifying another route for the state highway draws closer.  The PWD was asked to identify a fresh alignment within a month and the deadline expires on Sunday.

The government had denotified the controversial state highway 8 passing through Chandor, on August 16, after sustained objection from the villagers.

“We are keeping our fingers crossed to know the new alignment and its impact as it could lead to a lot of people losing their source of livelihood,” stated villagers from neighbouring Paroda.

Sources informed that the department is likely to propose the highway via Sao Jose de Areal, Paroda and Quepem as it was proposed earlier before being diverted via

Some residents from Sao Jose de Areal said that “we are worried as it could impact our lives.” The department has a thin line to balance between development and causing hardships to the

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