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Parental support during exams


Final exams are approaching and children need their parents help desperately during this period. At this crucial juncture when there is a lot of psychological and emotional stress, parents are the main pillars of support on which they can lean.

Parents play a pivotal role in their children’s success. They should avoid pressuring students to perform well in their exams as it only stresses them out. Rather, parents have to take the lead in creating conducive atmosphere at home to help children concentrate on their studies. Moreover it’s an opportunity for the parents to build friendship with their children and be their guide and mentor. A parent should be a source of encouragement, they should help them build confidence and to beat the exam blues.

Children absorb parent’s feelings. If parents get worried and stressed out over their performance, the children sense their feelings and adopt them. It’s an advice for parents from the experts is to stay calm and relaxed, even if you are doubtful about the result, make sure the children don’t sense that.” During such times parents should reassure their children that they are more concerned about their well being than results. Parents need to stress on healthy eating habits of their children especially when the exams are closer.

Parent’s need to explain their children that studying till late night doesn’t help much and state the importance of good sleep at night before the exam day as well. If the parents expect that their children must avoid TV on these days then they should too refrain from watching TV.  Parents should prepare a timetable for the student which is a balance of rest, refreshment, study and entertainment.

Research says regardless of family income or backgrounds, students with involved parents are more likely to earn higher grades and test scores, and enroll in higher level programmes. As per the report such students get promoted, pass their classes and earn credits. They attend school regularly; they have better social skills, and show improved behaviour and adapt well to the school environment.

Parent’s cooperation is paramount for the academic success of their children. Overall, parents need to cooperate with their children as their friend, guide, supporter throughout the year; they need to believe in their children wholeheartedly and should never disappoint them or make them feel inferior. Parental involvement has a positive influence on academic achievements. So, be for your children and make them successful.

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